Sunday, April 10, 2005

Fred: Psychology of the sheeple

Why things are so screwed up

From Fred on Everything:
I wonder whether liberal democracies do not follow an ordained trajectory into the muck, ripening like fruits, having their arteries harden, and falling, plop, to be eaten by birds and snails. (That was a two-animal medico-vegetative ballistic metaphor, not so much mixed as homogenized, almost colloidal. Patent applied for.) I note that the English-speaking countries are doing to themselves exactly what the United States is doing, and the Europeans, though better educated and more cultivated, follow. Maybe there is a pattern.

If you ever saw or heard Joe or Sally Schmoe on the radio or TV spouting foolishness, and wondered what in the name of all that smells like crap in a barnyard they could possibly be thinking, if you could call it that, you should read the aforementioned article. It explains it all too well.

Better yet: Go to your local mall or Wal-Mart on a Friday night and post yourself in a high traffic area. As each person over 18 walks past, say to yourself, "That person helps elect the people that tell me what I can and can't do." If you're not depressed and angry within five minutes, there's either something wrong with you, or your local shopping centers don't attract the dimwitted losers that mine do.