Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick, go buy a lottery ticket!

"There wasn't supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!"
--Marvin the Martian (paraphrased)

From The Smallest Minority comes a range report of an exploding handgun. Someone was really lucky.

Full story here.

Big, clear, scary pics here.

I once again load up the revolver and step to the line. First shot was a bullseye, as was typical for this rig. Second shot - KABOOM. I felt an unbelievable recoil and was pelted all over my face, chest and arms by fragments of metal and glass. An incredible pressure wave stunned me as if I were punched in the head. I shook it off and looked around. The scope was on the floor. The gun was still in my hand, but didn't look as it did mere seconds ago. A friend rushed over and with clear presence of mind, checked me for injuries. Whew. I emerge without so much as a scratch. Miraculous, considering what just happened. The shooting stall contained the flying shrapnel. Approved safety glasses, without a doubt, saved my vision. Long sleeves, a cap and good ear protection also prevented certain injury. I hate to say it, but dumb luck played a part as well.

Glad he's OK. Hopefully this will serve as a lesson for all who reload to be plenty good and careful: We shooters don't need any culling.