Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cops plant marijuana at 92-year old woman's house after shooting her to death

"We're from the government--We're here to help."

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The charges followed a Nov. 21 "no-knock" drug raid on the home of Kathryn Johnston, 92. An informant [Who later admitted that he lied about this to get the police to leave him alone. --jml] had described buying drugs from a dealer there, police said. When the officers burst in without warning, Johnston fired at them, and they fired back, killing her.

Fulton County prosecutor Peter Johnson said that the officers involved in Johnston's death fired 39 shots, striking her five or six times, including a fatal blow to the chest.

He said Johnston fired only once through her door and didn't hit any of the officers. That means the officers who were wounded likely were hit by their own colleagues, he said.


No, wait--it's not. It's probably very, very typical--these guys just got caught.