Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Anarchy!? EWWWWW!!!

From Brad Spangler:
Once the truth - that we all really would be better off with no government at all - is more widely recognized and understood, then the market itself will bring to bear the resources and talents to provide the products people will want - private law that is fair and just, private defense that is effective but doesn't embark on missions of conquest and slaughter.
Just one more piece of the "the best government is no government" theory. I happen to believe in this theory, to some degree, although I think there needs to be some form of "judging authority" to settle cerain grievances.

Or maybe not.

Government ("judging authority") will always grow, not shrink or remain the same. It happens in steps: 1) Gov't fashions or exaggerates a "crisis" or "disaster". 2) The sheep (the weak-minded among us) bleat "something must be done." 3) Government passes a law or expands it's power in some way.

There are few ways to reverse the trend: the Pen and the Sword are the only likely candidates. Why do you think the first two amendments to the Constitution protect them? It wasn't to preserve your right to sappy poetry, and if you think the right to keep and bear arms is so you can shoot clay pigeons on Saturday mornings, you're short a few brain cells, Watson. Why would John Adams, George Washington, and Alexander Hamilton go to all that trouble (you know, the whole Revolutionary War thing) to preserve our HOBBIES?