Sunday, January 09, 2005

African AIDS Epidemic--Fact or Fiction?

From Vin Suprynowicz on
But I found it interesting to again hear the old shrieks about how AIDS is not a "gay disease," since it's spreading out among females and heterosexuals as a sexually transmitted disease.

Since it's not.

We've been waiting a decade, now, for this prediction to come true. Remember, back in the '90s, hearing that "heterosexual women are the fastest growing group of AIDS victims"? Yeah: In a statistical stutter typical among small numbers, they were at one point up from half of one percent to a full percent -- most of those women turning out to be folks who shared needles with other intravenous recreational drug users.

From "Aids in Africa" by Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Valendar F. Turner;
...unlike the West, in Africa AIDS is diagnosed without any laboratory tests, patients are classified as AIDS cases without laboratory proof that they have either immunodeficiency or HIV infection. All Africans need to have are various clinical conditions. But the conditions accepted as forming the "S" (syndrome) of "AIDS" in Africa bear no relationship to AIDS in the West.

In the West, AIDS consists of a person's having one or more of approximately 27 relatively rare diseases. In Africa, AIDS as defined by the World Health Organisation 1986/87 Bangui African AIDS definition is no more than a collage of common non-specific symptoms and signs such as cough, fever and diarrhoea, and a few diseases such as tuberculosis (TB) and a cancer called Kaposi's sarcoma, diseases which have been endemic in Africa for generations.

(Found on Bill St. Clair's blog)

AIDS is one of the biggest political extortions in existance: Not only is it mostly a homosexual disease, gay propaganda notwithstanding, but now we hear that Africa and the UN's latest fund-raiser isn't even medically verifiable.

I hope you weren't surprised. If a government is involved, there will be lies, distortion, and cover-up. Always.