Monday, January 24, 2005

Bush on Freedom

Reading the fine print...

From Vox Day's column on WorldNetDaily:
...But while we Americans have little trouble recognizing the predilection of others for the security of slavery, we do not see it so clearly in ourselves. In our terror of the extremely unlikely event of the black flag of Islam ever waving over the nation's capital, the American people have not hesitated to embrace the most openly anti-American, anti-freedom presidential program in over 60 years. After all, they can't hate our freedom if we throw it all away, can they?


The gradual encroachment on American liberties by their government is one that is primarily inspired by hypothetical fears. One cannot legally buy an anonymous cell phone because of the possibility that a terrorist might do so. One cannot withdraw more than $3,000.00 from one's bank account without a report being filed because of the possibility that one might choose to spend the money on chemical substances deemed illegal. One cannot even drive an injured woman to the hospital without being repeatedly interrogated because of the possibility that one might be the culprit responsible for those injuries.

Thus fear triumphs over all, ensuring a disastrous end. For whether one seeks security in a brothel or from Congress, the results are likely to be the same. Indeed, there is more honesty to be found in the whorehouse...

The freedoms we have left are rapidly being stripped away, and the self-appointed guardians of those freedoms--conservatives--are asleep at the switch, lulled into complacency simply because the President is "one of us." Is he? Do conservatives stand for freedom and individual rights, or do they simply root for their "teammates?"

Most Republicans, along with their Democrat counterparts, have become trapped a in "Red vs. Blue" mindset: If someone with an "R" behind their name says or does something, it is accepted as near-Gospel without any analysis or critical thought whatsoever.

Regardless of party or office, watch what politicians do, not what they say: If Bill Clinton had done even 1/3 of the damage to the Constitution that Bush II has done, there would be rioting in the streets and screams for impeachment.

And rightly so.