Friday, January 21, 2005

Women: Gettin' and keepin' you a Man

"...the smarter a man is, the more he is likely to realize that being romantically involved with an intelligent, educated, upper-middle-class American woman steeped in 20 years of feminist indoctrination is about as desirable as being flayed alive and rolled in salt."
---Vox Day

From an old Vox Day article:
So, in the unlikely event there happens to be a 30-something single woman reading this, here are a few pointers...

1. Your rights are delineated in the Constitution. Everything else is a privilege.

2. Your family has to put up with you. For everyone else, it's optional.

3. Southern belles always get what they want. Watch and learn, grasshopper.

4. Sex as an incentive is fair enough. Using its deprivation as a punishment will backfire hideously.

5. Mocking your man in public creates a no-win situation. He can either slice and dice you verbally, which is no fun for you, or keep his mouth shut and look like an idiot. In the case of the latter, it doesn't mean that you've won, or that he's forgotten.

6. Men love happy women. Act happy and you may discover how to be happy.

7. If there's a doubt, choose the most optimistic interpretation. That's what he meant.

8. Honey, honey, honey - a thousand times honey. Never vinegar.

9. Conflict is not passion. It isn't any fun, either.

10. Limit yourself to five complaints and demands a day. If you're not counting, you're over the limit.

11. If no one ever taught you the traditional arts, find an older woman to be your mentor.

12. Your feelings and objectively verifiable facts may be different. Learn to distinguish between them.

I've nothing to add, save that these nuggets of wisdom aren't only for the thirty-somethings, nor exclusive to singles...

(If you've never read any of Vox's articles, get on over and nose around for a while...he writes primarily on politics and morality from a Christian libertarian perspective.)