Sunday, January 16, 2005

Police, sir. We're here to help.

Officer pepper sprays diabetic suffering from insulin shock

KEY WEST — An assistant manager of a local pizza shop who became nonresponsive after going into insulin shock was pepper sprayed by a police officer after a customer told police the man appeared to be "stoned out of his mind."
Melzer and Gallo each described Scott's behavior simply as nonresponsive and disputed the account that Scott grew agitated or resisted the officer in any way.

"He wasn't even resisting arrest. He didn't know what was going on," said Gallo.

Another instance of the power-mad throwing their weight around. Who would have guessed?

If I advanced the idea that, oh, let's say, Enron, should conduct their own investigation, I would be considered retarded. Why then do police do their own internal investigations? It's a situation with an obvious propensity for corruption--and corrupt it is. Without the risk of real punishment for abuse of authority, the police have become almost unimpeachable.

It would be nice if there were video footage of this, although the officer in question would probably be given a medal for bravery, anyway.

If they can't police their own, how can they police us?