Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Private Help for Tsunami Victims

It's not generous if you're using stolen money...

Article written by Ron Paul, MD, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives. (He's more of a Libertarian in his thinking, and is the only member of Congress that actually takes his oath of office seriously. I'd almost move to Texas just so I could vote for him...)
Link to article: LewRockwell.com:
The original coalition of donor governments has been disbanded, meaning the United Nations will control all government-funded relief efforts going forward. Surely the oil-for-food scandal demonstrates that UN officials are the worst possible stewards of the tsunami relief funds, yet that’s precisely who will be overseeing the expenditure of our $350 million. Bush administration officials have promised to keep a tight watch over how those tax dollars are spent, but the truth is that we cannot control this money once it’s sent overseas for UN administration.

If government is made up of a collection of power-hungry bureaucracies (and it is, among other things that are equally distasteful) then the UN is a bureaucracy of bureaucracies, and therefore exponentially worse.