Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Is it DRAFTy in here?

Draft officials ask church to "dust off" conscientious objector alternatives

From Unknown News:
As one of the historic "peace churches" that shun military service, Brethren officials were "cautious" after an unannounced visit by a draft official to a church center in Maryland last October. Officials were worried that the visit signaled that a draft may be at hand.

In follow-up meetings, draft officials urged the church to dust off long-standing "alternative service" programs that allow conscientious objectors to serve in two-year domestic service projects in lieu of military service.

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Your president (Don't blame me, I voted Constitution Party) insists that he's not going to reinstate the draft. He's already re-enlisted, against their will, soldiers who have completed their contractual armed service obligations, and now this. Makes you wonder...