Sunday, June 12, 2005

I Love Cops, Part MCCXVIII

"Next time you won't fight with us."

From the Palm Beach Post, Quicktime videos of a traffic stop that got ugly.

(Found via Bill St. Clair's blog...where does he find all this stuff?)

Go watch the videos: Yes, the woman was annoying and, well, really annoying. She WAS driving with a suspended state-permission-to-drive license, she DID have a broken taillight, but she could get out of that speeding thing in a New York minute: Radar guns are pretty unreliable, even more so while moving.

Did this really require a tasering? In my opinion, the officer was extraordinarily arrogant and brash, and I don't think I could have taken much of his crap, either, and if they tried to drag me out of a vehicle, there would have been trouble aplenty, just maybe not then and there: I think I would have spent a considerable amount of time making sure a certain police officer didn't win any popularity contests.