Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cops: What are they good for?

Not much.

From The Pan Galactic Blogger Blaster (aka "Nate's"):
Cops do NOT solve crimes. Cases are either incredibly obvious, or they get stuck in the "We Hope Someone Tells Us Who Did This" file. CSI is a TV show. It's not real. That's not how it works at all.

(Go read the whole thing--it's short.)
Well said, Nate. I commented thusly:

(Standing and applauding...)

I get pissed pretty much every time I see a policeman/woman--they always have that "I'm in charge here/You talkin' to ME?/Shouldn't you be kneeling?" look on their face.

Who was it that showed definitively that cops were among the least intelligent of all the professions? Was it Fred? I'll have to check on that...

The TV programs, I believe, have a great bit to do with the loss of our freedom, as most sheeple watch them and subconsciously buy into the premises that: 1) Cops are always right. 2) You have a right to remain silent, and to an attorney, but if you try to use those rights, you're obviously a criminal. 3) Cops don't have to be polite--the populace are all either stupid or criminal or both. 4) Warrants are such a bother, and not really necessary (see #1).

Maybe the cops watch too many cop shows, too.