Sunday, October 23, 2005

Miers: Support or Oppose?

Truth Laid Bear asked bloggers to take a stance on Miers. Here's mine.

I OPPOSE the Miers nomination. As a general policy, I oppose most things government does. It's a good policy.

Some things I support:

I SUPPORT the impeachment, indictment, arrest, trial, conviction, and imprisonment of every politician in Washington, D.C, save Ron Paul, R of TX.

I SUPPORT the formation of a lynch mob to break said politicians out of prison.

I SUPPORT the collection of bird flu infested chicken corpses, the removal of their feathers, and the collection of said feathers in large bags.

I SUPPORT the purchase of several pallets, from the local home improvement store, of driveway sealer and/or silver roofing cement (commonly used on the roof of mobile homes); also, some heavy rope, an insulation blowing machine, and some long-handled brushes.

I SUPPORT the hanging said politicians by their feet from trees, with their heads about two feet from the ground, using heavy rope.

I SUPPORT the application of driveway sealer and silver roofing cement, using long-handled brushes, to politicians.

I SUPPORT the loading of chicken feathers into the insulation blowing machine, and the blowing of said feathers at said politicians.

I SUPPORT the hauling of said politicians in cattle trucks to the lower part of Florida, their loading onto rickety boats, and their deportation to Cuba.

Can we get all that passed as a rider in the next bill that goes through Congress? Please?