Thursday, October 13, 2005


A trip into Hell

The Wife and I went to Wal-Mart last evening, to get a couple things. Only one checkout at the end of the store where we were was open, so we got in line. Customer in front of us had a 12-pack of Pepsi, and told the cashier (an obvious moron) that another local store had them 3/$8. (Wal-Mart matches prices, I guess.) Cashier takes all of 150 seconds or more trying to calculate what to charge. SHE HAD A CALCULATOR. SHE WAS MULTIPLYING RANDOM NUMBERS BY THREE TO TRY TO ESTIMATE THE AMOUNT TO CHARGE THE CUSTOMER. I did the calculation in my head (8/3=$2.66 2/3), forgot the answer, looked around, then repeated the calculation twice more before she decided what to charge the customer.

I think she charged him $2.80.

Reminded me of the time I asked for six tenths of a pound of lunch meat at the WallyWorld deli:
FTard: "Is that, like, a quarter pound?"
Moi: I re-worded: "Point 6 of a pound."
FTard: [Blank look]
Moi: "Just make it a little over a half-pound, please."