Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Oh, boy. Isn't this how some horror movies start?

From Reuters, via Drudge:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon is looking at the possibility of using federal troops to enforce a quarantine in the event of an outbreak of pandemic bird flu in the United States, a senior official said on Wednesday.

President George W. Bush said last week he would consider using the military to "effect a quarantine" in response to any outbreak of avian influenza, but provided few details.

Bush at the time also suggested he might place National Guard troops, normally commanded by state governors, under federal control as part of the government's response to the "catastrophe" of such a flu pandemic.

Paul McHale, assistant defense secretary for homeland defense, said quarantine law historically has been under the primary jurisdiction of states, not the federal government.

"And my expectation is that any quarantine measures that would be put in place would likely involve a substantial employment of the National Guard, probably under command and control of the governor of an affected state," McHale told a group of reporters.

"However, we are looking at a wide range of contingencies, potentially involving Title 10 forces (federal troops) if a pandemic outbreak of a biological threat were to occur," McHale added.

Scary. Not the flu, the troops.

Prediction: Bush won't bother going through Congress to repeal Posse Comitatus, but instead we'll have a "national emergency" with "tens or hundreds of thousands dying". A state of emergency, then martial law, will be declared, with the Constitution suspended.

It will all be a vicious lie.

The gov't already lies about the number of people who die annually from the flu, inflating the numbers over a 4000% by lumping in pneumonia (how many older folks die) deaths. Why should they stop lying now?