Saturday, October 08, 2005

Stupid people

(Yes, I know it's redundant...)

From Bane Rants:

Bane pontificates on the intelligence of the masses...
I started having a daydream about what someone like Hillary Clinton would hear if she dressed down and wore a wig and went out to a working-class bar and...

That fantasy screeched to a halt right there, in a haze of burnt rubber smoke. I knew damn well what she'd hear, because those are the kind of places I frequent, on the rare occasions I go out to a bar.

Dumb shits holding forth on every topic imaginable, without a clue as to what they are talking about, yet with such a strong opinion on it that they are willing to fight you if you suggest they may be wrong.

And I see the same thing with the woman who cuts my hair, as she and other educated females, many of them high level University employees and professors, talk some of the dumbest kook twaddle you'll ever be pained to have to listen to.

You fine-minded Conservative students out there in Reader Land know whereof (whatof?) I speak. As you listen to the nonsense in class and in the halls and in the cafeteria and in the bars, I'm sure you fear contact-retardation, as if your very brain is being stuffed with steel wool.

And they let these people vote. On purpose. Other idiots actively seek them out to vote for them. Idiocy begatting idiocy, even unto the third and fourth generation, until the giant snowball of stupidity finally smashes apart at the base of the mountain of inevitability.

Stop the planet...I want to get off.

Bane hits the spike on the noggin here: We (yes, I'm referring to myself in the plural; it's fun) here at Outside the Box think there should be some sort of intelligence or knowledge test for the masses to qualify one for voting. The cesspool of humanity is, by and large, retarded, and given to following whatever popular notions are spewn forth by the press and our glorious leaders in Washington. This is counterproductive, and should be punished with red pepper sauce in one's nose.

Here are the proposed qualifications for voting:

1) If you've accepted any payment from any government agency for anything (refunds of overpayment excepted), no voting for you. (Sorry, Bane.) Possible exceptions are for those who were disabled in military service or law enforcement (spit!). Yes, this includes government employees at every level.

2) If you have a vagina, you may not vote. (See this Vox Popoli post. Exceptions for those who pass a logic/intelligence test may be drawn up at a later date, but I doubt it. Yes, I know that there are a lot of intelligent, logically-thinking women out there, but they are overwhelmingly nullified by the rest of them when it comes time to vote.

3) Voters must pass a test that includes questions requiring logical thought, basic knowledge of the history of the world that relate to freedom and the causes and effects of the loss thereof, and knowledge of systems of gov't, with an emphasis on the U.S. of A. I'm not sure how this would be written, as some of the answers would be subject to debate, but the first two requirements outlined above would take care of most of the problems with the current system anyway.

Anyway, that's our position here--flame away in the comments if you like.