Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Invading Iran?

If the Wal-Mart guys say it's true...

From SaysUncle:
t’s sort of neat how you can figure out news and trends through wild-ass speculation just by shopping. I told you guys about how I learned from the sporting goods guy at Wal-Mart that ammo sales were up. Yesterday, I learned more from the friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart sporting goods guy. Since ammo is at a such a good price at Wal-Mart, every time me and the family go, I pick up a box of something (usually 9mm or 45ACP).

Yesterday while there, I asked if they had any 5.56X45MM. He said huh? I said you know, 223? He responded by stating they had a good sale on it (100 rounds for $11!) but couldn’t keep it in stock and can’t get it in the door fast enough. I asked why that was. The sporting goods guy then says that he’s heard from the supplier that the US military has ordered 300,000,000 rounds and most manufacturers have stopped making civilian ammo to help the military out. He then said that the last time he remembered Wal-Mart having a 223 shortage was about one month before the invasion. So, he speculated that someone was next. I don’t know if there’s any truth to it.

I have no idea whether we're invading Iran or not, but the reason for the shortage could be an estimated ratio of rounds fired to "insurgents" killed of ~250,000:1 (!)

That's some poor shooting, folks. Let's bring 'em all home, even if only to give them some marksmanship training!