Friday, December 09, 2005

Diversity. (huah!) What is it good for!

"Absolutely nuthin'"

From Fred on Everything:
Explain it to me, diversity. I don’t get it. Everyone in the feddle gummint and all the news weasels and the academia nuts and assorted distasteful do-gooders with goiterous self-admiration are always honking and blowing about how we need diversity. Why? What is it good for?

I think we need homogeneity. Probably the greatest desire of humanity other than getting sex is avoiding diversity. Mostly, people can’t stand each other. I respect their judgement.

Diversity causes nothing but trouble. Think about it. Do old people want to hang around young people? No. Do young people want to hang around old people? Generally they would rather take poison. Do liberals and conservatives want to get within rifle range of each other? No. Except conservatives, because they have rifles. Southerners and damyanks cordially detest each other, except after a few beers, when they stop being cordial. Urban folk and country folk loathe each other. Management and labor, Marine boneheads and army pukes, dogs and cats, on and on, don’t nobody much like nobody.

So why do we spend so much sweat and money trying to force people to do what they don’t want to do? It’s all bass-ackwards. What if we tried…well…freedom? What if the gummint just left people the hell alone?


Right on.

Now go away--you're kinda different lookin'.