Monday, October 09, 2006


...for prayer

My daughter has jaundice. We're waiting for test results to see the severity--whether she has to be hospitalized for light treatment or not.

We could use some prayers, if anyone sees this. Thanks.

EDIT: Don't have to go to the hospital! Health care supplier brought out a 4" wide plastic strip that hooks up via a 1-1/4" hose to a small machine. When turned on, the strip has several zig-zag rows of bright blue light (I'm tired; that's all the better I can do). The strip is wrapped around the little angel's torso, and turned on. The light (bright, neon blue) is a certain bandwidth that breaks down whatever it is that causes jaundice, and allows it to be expelled via her urine.

I have no idea how she's sleeping with that wrapped around her, but she is...for now.

Back to the hospital tomorrow for more tests, to see if the light treatment helped.