Sunday, August 13, 2006

2am Alarm

Screening out stupid people

Wow, two posts in one day.

As mentioned in the post below, the wifey and I, and the in-laws went camping at a local state park this past weekend. Everyone went to bed around 10pm. I slept outside, on the ground, as I don't like tents--ruins the fun of being in the outdoors.

'Round 2am, I awoke. Took me a couple of seconds, but I realized that someone had opened a 55-gallon drum of TrailerPark® Domestic Dispute (Now with fewer teeth!) just down the hill. It sounded like three people simultaneously venting a couple months worth of supressed rage at each other. This went on for 15-20 minutes. At 2am. In a crowded campground. At freaking 2AM.

I called the park office, as I wasn't going to try to play peacemaker, while shivering and barely awake like I was--I'm not stupid. Of course, no one answers that late at night, and the answering machine that answered doesn't record messages, it only plays a two-minute diatribe on reserving a campsite and the evils of forest fires.

Eventually, one or more of the participants got in a car and left. Silence, mostly, returned. I'm pretty sure there were kids down there while this was going on. (We drove slowly by the site the next morning, and there they were.)

At around 2:45, the drama was over. We went back to sleep.