Saturday, January 29, 2005

She likes Men!

Not just males; Men

From Sunni Maravillosa's blog:
What I realized tonight is that I simply like men. That isn't to say that I like every male I meet -- far from it. Most males I come into contact with aren't men. A man is special ... and increasingly rare, if my experience is typical. A man is confident in who he is. He's straight up in his interactions with others. He can do stuff -- whether it's build stuff, or fix stuff, or think stuff, he's a doer. He is sensitive but not sensitized; and he definitely isn't emasculated. If a man calls me "babe", it's received as a compliment; if a male calls me that, he'll get an icy look at best...

...A man will challenge me, but not be overbearing in doing so. A man is direct, and easy to talk to, whether it's serious stuff or just bullshitting. A man likes being appreciated for who and what he is; he dislikes being made a project. A man can cry at appropriate times at a movie or situation without making a performance of it or hiding it. A man can wrench an engine apart, and gently caress a newborn. He can laugh freely at the mysteries of life and living without hurtfully laughing at an individual. A man knows what being a man is about, and does his best to fulfill that. A man knows the difference between women and womyn, and acts accordingly.

Happy is the man who's woman is happy he's a Man.

Unhappy is the woman who's man doesn't understand that he needs to be manly: And if the woman ain't the Good Book says, you're better off living on the roof.