Monday, May 09, 2005

Your kid was in a bus accident...

...stay away!

From BaneRants:
Why would you trust your future to a stranger that you wouldn't let drive your child in your own car, even with seatbelts?

From the article:
A school bus slammed into two vehicles as it approached an intersection Monday morning, killing two people in the cars and injuring 23 elementary students.

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Add one more to the list of reasons why you're retarded if you send your kids to the assembly line welfare (public) schools: The buses.

Ever wonder why there are so many laws about buckling you kids in seatbelts, making them wear helmets while riding bikes, etc, etc, etc; and yet the buses they're hauled to school in have no seatbelts or safety devices of any kind, and are pretty much just big 'ol tin cans? I have...