Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Three cheers!

Being a vile hag, and reaping the consequences.

Nate, the The Pan Galactic Blogger Blaster, goes to the store and witnesses a canyon-mouthed lard-bucket recieving her due:
(You might have to scroll down the page to "A Long Cold Walk".)
Anyway.. I made my way into our favorite non-union grocery store... and as I went from isle to isle pickin' up this and thats, I found myself frequently following this little family. Average looking dad... young though... probly mid-20s... beautiful little blonde haired girl in the cart. Curly long hair.. happy.. cute as she could be. She was smilin' at me...

Then there was the mom... or.... the woman that was with them.. I assume the mom... I don't know for sure. She was fat. She was ugly. She was a royal bitch. Everything the dad said, she disputed. Everything he picked up was wrong. She berated him continually... I mean the whole time... in the most hateful voice you can imagine. Civilized people don't talk this badly to unwelcomed dogs.

The dad was simply unphazed. He acted like he didn't even hear her talking that way.

I was so discusted I was hoping he'd actually grow a back bone... but then she pushed it to far. She got onto the little girl.. in that same evil tone...

***SNATCH*** Dad grabs the lard-ass up by the back of her neck.

"You will never speak to my daughter that way. Do you understand? It is a cold cold night. You don't want to walk home. You hear?"

Go and read the rest--it gets much, much better.

Women: Don't sass your man. Be pleasant to be around. Consequences can be most distasteful.