Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ready? I'm not...

What would happen if ALL the power went out?

From Kneel Before Zod:
Event +5: No explanation has been forthcoming from government, and people frantic with hunger are smashing windows of houses and ransacking the residences searching for food. In the cities, unarmed peaceful city dwellers have been rounded up by gang members and are bartered and sold

I'm not sure that this would quite be the way people would react, but I really can't make any good, structured argument against it. I think a significant portion of the population would break down emotionally, and more anger/violence would be directed toward the government by those who believe that it is government's job to feed, clothe, shelter, and secure them.

I will admit; this little theoretical example made me focus a bit on my own preparatory status. Should the SHTF in the manner described, priorities would be water, food, and defense--and not necessarily in that order. Those with wells will need a reliable way of generating electricity to pump it, while those with public water (like me) will need an alternate source. Purification may also be a necessity. A store of dried or non-perishable food will be necessary, unless you have access to wild game and/or have a garden (which will likely be trampled and picked clean by roaming bands of vagrants).

A means of security to protect one's food and water will likely be the most important of the three, for obvious reasons. The ability to secure windows and doors (with bars or other means) may become necessary if the situation gets too bad, but the best defense may be a good, short-barrelled 12 gauge shotgun and plenty of ammo.

Interesting to theorize about, mildly frightening if you really think about it...